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Daily Diving Tour

A typical diving tour starts at 10 AM. We expect you to come earlier like 9:40 AM to finish the paperwork.


We sail from Kumbahçe Port to Karaada, the Big Island the south of Bodrum City Center.

We pick one or two places to dive according to many parameters. Your wish is of course the most important one.

After the first dive of certified divers, our try dives start.


At noon lunch is ready. We strongly advise to our try divers to eat after their dives.

At around 1:30 PM the certified divers are expected to begin their second dive.

Just at the arrival of the last group, we sail back to Kumbahçe Port.

The amount and the diversity of dives may delay our arrival.

We offer hot and cold drinks during our tour. The lunch we serve is like schnitzel, pasta, and salad kind of meal.

For certified divers we offer two tank dive a day.

For try divers we offer one dive a day.

Lunch is included in our daily price but the drinks are extra. We have a list with your names on it. Whenever you purchase a drink you just add a tick and at the end of the day, you can pay them as a total.

We also have an extra service for try divers. We take your photo and videos under the water and we show them to you on the way back. If you like them you can purchase them per person and we can mail or transfer these photos and videos to you.

Our discount policy is simple, every eleventh person in a group is free.

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